Dinner (at Garage Philly)

All your friends are here

Paranormal baby #charliermack

Glad that photoshop class in high school came in handy. Tomorrow from 6-10 my coworkers will be #indacart at @garagephilly. I better see all your faces there :)


When the fuck did we get ice cream???

Happy 27 years of clean livering #transplantanniversary #becomeanorgandonor #letsgoflyers (at Wells Fargo Center)

#tbt CHOO CHOO WAYNE TRAIN #allaboard

Happy 5th Birthday to my lovely Azur #qgb #danesaregreat

Pat does xfinity live.

Shenandoah National Park
August 2013 #tbt

Some of my dear coworkers are going to be working the truck @garagephilly on October 17th. I’ll be off the clock but you can see me at the bar. I’ll be the girl drunk off two tecates.

We just picked up pizza from a really traditional Italian place and the owner and his wife came out to have a 20 minute long convo with Pat because be left his ID on and they were fascinated that he was a “Sicilia.” He’s been talking in an Italian accent ever since and stuffing his face. #help

#tbt to the summer of 93. also #tbt to the tannest I have ever been or ever will be.

Charlie turnt but she stylin #charliermack

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