some sports blogger won’t stop DMing me on twitter and it is getting pretty creepy.


🎵 if you’re the night sky, act like the night sky 🎵 @wearescientists (at Boot & Saddle)


Baby being wild #charliermack

Wooo national sibling day! Love all you nerds! (at Key West)

Gang’s all here. #TakeTheThrone

Anonymous asked:
Now that the Thought Catalog has become a free-for-all that posts 80 articles per day -- many of which are low quality, uncreative, or otherwise hollow and disappointing -- where should I be heading for well-curated and intelligent writing?


Check out The Electric Typewriter (tetw) A constant sharing of well-curated online essays. Just…incredible. Cruise through their Subject Menu and be blown away and/or lost for hours.

I am over on The Rumpus and The Rumblr (their Tumblr account) every day. They consistently feature some of the most intelligent and evocative writing, as well as interviews, comics, and other goodness. I subscribe to Stephen Elliott’s The Daily Rumpus emails and those are usually packed full of thought-provoking commentary and interesting shares as well.

I write for This Recording, which provides some pretty phenomenal essays with photographs and songs to accompany each. This Recording is the most similar to Thought Catalog, but the editors are much more selective and helpful to their writers. You also won’t see 80 posts a day or the mean-spirited comment section. This is one of my favorite pieces I wrote for them, under the excellent guidance of Alex Carnevale.

Hope that helps! Hi-fives for better internet reading!

#selfiesunday featuring short hair thanks to @kirbyisapunkrocker

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hahaha if only

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Bill Nye & Jay-Z

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Stayed in to “study.”

#FACT: sharks love sweet potatoes (at OK Lee Produce)

Patrick discovered Siri

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